United States

As a corporation you need to:

  • File your XBRL/EDGAR filings on time with SEC
  • Plan for last minute changes that can be handled quickly
  • Ensure your XBRL filings with SEC is accurate in view of the impending expiry of limited liability clause

We offer the following services to Companies who need to file their regulatory statements with SEC in XBRL format:

  • Full Conversion Service with our cloud based, single source, collaborative tool where you can focus on creating your document; we ensure visual elegance for Edgar and create XBRL package. Our customer mantra is minds on, hands off
  • You can also choose one of the following services:
    • Mapping Documents: We identify best tagging options for each element from the base taxonomy. We extend elements as necessary. We provide an excel reviewer's guide reasoning our element choices for controversial elements for your easy review
    • Validation Services: We validate for SEC filing compliance. We recommend changes
    • Review Services: Our CPAs provide expert advice on the quality of your XBRL document.

Our services to corporations extend to a wide variety of returns including 10-Q,
10-K, 20-F, 40-F and registration statements.

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United Kingdom

We convert your financial statements and tax computations into iXBRL format for filing with HMRC.

You can use our self service portal to upload your document and download iXBRL instance document once ready.

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We provide competitive pricing with the following options for you to choose from:

  • Template services: Suitable for small companies
  • Self service services: Suitable for mid size companies
  • Full conversion services: Suitable for large companies

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