Edgar Services

Converting documents for regulatory filing with SEC′s EDGAR in the United States

We prepare regulatory EDGAR filings in ASCII and HTML formats for filing with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC filings or Edgar filings) in the United States.

Our Edgarization services cover:

  • Corporate filings (such as 10Q or 10K)
  • Mutual fund filings (risk/return summaries)

We offer these services to financial printers, law firms and public accountants. We can conform to your house style when presenting output.

We pay particular attention to:

  • Visual elegance that attracts and retains attention
  • Structured layout that familiarizes users with the document, rendering navigation easy and pleasant
  • Accuracy, given the need to achieve zero error at all times

We can work with any off-the-shelf Edgarizing software.

Our turnaround times are quick. Due to time differences we work (in India) while you sleep so we can turn around your late evening documents and have them ready for you when you arrive in the morning. Arrangements can also be made for us to work during your daytime, please contact us for more information.

We edgarize several thousand statements each quarter and have been preparing financial statements and other components of regulatory SEC filings in Edgar/XBRL formats for 3 major financial printers in New York for more than five years.

Our Edgar service has a reputation for accuracy.