Financial Printers
For Regulatory Filings in the US

We understand your requirement of quicker, better quality and cheaper solution to your customers

As a printer you need to be ahead of the industry trends to retain and expand your customer base.

You may have challenges in:

  • Updating your filing calendar for every quarter: Track your customers filings to identify peak filing period
  • Managing your resource pool: Ensure you have sufficient resources to carry out the Edgar & XBRL conversions
  • Ensuring quality benchmarks are successfully and sustainably met: You have quality personnel who understand XBRL and accounting; respond to customer queries to achieve client satisfaction
  • Providing quick turnaround: Meet near pencils down time for your customers to file on / ahead of filing deadline
  • Keeping your costs low

To mitigate these challenges, DataTracks provides state-of-the art, cost effective, cloud based, single source, collaborative disclosure management system to ensure you retain and expand your customer base.

  • Resource planning: DataTracks can maintain your customers’ filing calendars and ensure you follow up with them to file on time.
    Our native customer support team can also support you in answering all your customers’ queries.
  • Quality: DataTracks have hundreds of professionals experienced in detailed tagging who can map, tag, review and validate your customer files.
    Your filings are thoroughly checked for accuracy before you can deliver the files to your clients.
    We also provide third party validation review and support at an additional fee.
  • Turnaround: With our strong resource pool, we can easily turnaround last minute changes in couple of hours. You can use our disclosure management system and provide freedom to your clients to amend their own files prior to filing.
  • Pricing: We offer our solution at an extremely competitive price. We provide flexible working models (FTE or per CIK) and custom solutions that suit your requirements.  Get in touch with us for a price quote.
    We also provide the option to train you and your customers on our solution at no extra cost.

We will continue to support you in preparation for SEC filing; however you would need to file your customers’ documents with SEC.

For more information on our SEC Filing Services, please visit DataTracks USA