Why DataTracks

Track record in United States:

We have eight years track record in the United States in preparing financial statements for regulatory filing with SEC in ASCII, HTML and XBRL formats. We prepare filings for more than 2,500 companies and a good number of Mutual Funds in the United States. We have a track record of having prepared more than 100,000 regulatory filings in the last eight years.

Track record in United Kingdom and India:

We are one of the earliest providers of managed tagging services "recognized" by HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) for regulatory filings in iXBRL format with HMRC in the United Kingdom. We have a track record of preparing several hundred financial statements for filing with MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs) in India.

Quick turnaround times:

We are extremely sensitive to your turnaround times. For detailed footnote tagging, initial setup would take 20 days and 10 days for quarterly roll-forward. Revisions for final draft would be 2 days for major revisions and 4 hours for minor revisions.

Competitive prices:

We have some of the most competitive prices in the market. There is no additional charge for any number of changes required.

We provide support all the way until filing is complete:

We provide support to you in explaining the accounting decisions recommended; in understanding client side requirements and incorporating client side requirements until filing is completed.

Expertise in Accounting:

We have expertise in accounting taxonomies based on US GAAP, IFRS, UK GAAP and India GAAP. Our accountants can handle detailed footnote tagging.